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Garden Maintenance

At Batello Garden Design and Landscaping we offer several different packages of garden maintenance.

Blitz gardening
This is a one-off service that we provide if your garden has become overgrown. We will tidy, weed, prune and clear the garden to make it look more presentable. This can be done over a whole day or days, or half a day depending on how much work is required.

Hedges and trees
We will undertake both hedge trimming and pruning or removing small garden trees.

Garden maintenance
Both commercial and domestic contracts. Commercial contracts are quoted for an annual or monthly basis. Domestic maintenance will be costed on an hourly basis. We work throughout the year maintaining gardens according to the seasons. We ensure that plants are pruned at the correct time of year for maximum flowering. We mainly carry out this work on a weekly or fortnightly basis but will do works on a less regular timescale such as monthly or quarterly if required. The work is always carried out by qualified horticulturists to ensure that the maintenance is completed in the proper manner.

If you have had your garden designed by us then we can keep it looking in show garden condition by maintaining it for you on a regular basis. (Alternatively you may find it more convenient for us to create an individual garden maintenance plan specific to the garden for yourselves or someone else to follow.)

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